505U-K Wireless I/O Module

505U-K Wireless I/O Module


The 505/905U-K family of products feature ultra low power consumption and small I/O counts for transmission to other ELPRO I/O and gateway products. Capable of thousands of units in a network, these products revert to a ‘sleep mode’ between transmissions to conserve power and reliably run on battery power for extended periods of time. With robust aluminum enclosures (IP66) and the capability of powering a loop-powered device (24VDC, 50mA), these units are ideal for remote applications where power constraints may be a concern.


Catalog Number: 505U-K
Applications: Utility industries: electricity, water and gas. Indicative Applications: High level alarms, Security gate contol, Emergency shower notification, Flow meter monitoring, Storage tank monitoring, Pipeline cathodic protection, Pump stop-start, Lighting bank control, Power reticulation relay, Fault notifications, Weather station reporting, Bearing condition monitoring


  • Multiple power supply options including  battery-only supply with ultra low power consumption (reverts to ‘sleep’ mode).
  • Input-only transmitter unit (2 or 4 DI/PI, 1  AI) able to be connected to multi I/O and/or gateway units – up to 3000 units in a system.
  • Peer-to-peer communications with exception-reporting, reliable self-checking via update time and secure data encryption.
  • External inputs plus internally calculated values including analog setpoint status, pulse rate and pulse total, power/ battery supply voltage, power supply alarm.
  • Can connect to up/ down counter transducers such as shaft-encoders.
  • Configurable repeat transmissions to five times for message reliability.